Barista Premium (x50 Angel Filters) 12g each

Barista Premium (x50 Angel Filters) 12g each


Our famous Barista Premium Filter Coffee Angel amalgamates beans from 8 different countries worldwide, giving an incredibly distinctive flavour that leaves everyday coffee drinkers eager for
their next cup. Beans from Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Ethiopia, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Sumatra make the Premium Filter our most popular product yet.

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Box contains 50 sachets of Premium filter Coffee Angel

  • Justin Bennett says:

    This is a great product for when I’m travelling with work. It’s low hassle and means I’m not reliant on any coffee machines in hotels etc. It’s the best drip filter coffee I’ve tasted.

  • William Dallas says:

    Cheaper than walking into a coffee shop and quicker than a machine made one. The 12g ones are strong too. Highly recommend for those that are looking for their caffeine fix before rushing out the door.