About Us

Barista Coffee

Founded in 1997, Barista Coffee was one of the first dark-roast coffee chains in the Far East. Our coffee is sourced from all over the globe, and we have a passion for mixing great flavours of beans sourced from only sustainable farms. Over the 24 years that Barista Coffee has operated, our professional roasters have focused on making our coffee from the freshest and best quality beans available, no matter where we find them. We don’t import just any roasted beans or have other roasters supply our needs. We demand complete control of processing our own from green to ground.

Coffee Angel

The Coffee Angel is our unique single cup coffee filter that integrates excellent tasting coffee with a simple method that provides a quality, full flavoured and delicious hot beverage in less than 60 seconds. Our unique filtering mechanism provides a simple, four-step solution to great tasting coffee for those without the time to brew from scratch.

Un-paralleled ease, uncompromising taste

Our focus has always, and will continue to be, providing our customers with a great tasting on the go filtered coffee that doesn’t compromise quality for speed. We pride ourselves on giving our customers a reliable, speedy brew to kick start their day.

Meet the team

  • Ed Vergalen


  • Angus Collett


As someone very used to spending a third of my year abroad with work, in hotels, hostels and rented rooms, I always struggled to find an on the go coffee that that gave me that caffeine hit I was looking for. Whilst away in the Far East, I stumbled across Barista Coffee and their unique Coffee Angel product. All I needed to start the day was a kettle of boiling water and a coffee mug. The Coffee Angel did the rest. The quality is that of a machine made coffee, without the unreliability and costs, and only took 60 seconds to make.