How does the Coffee Angel filter work?

Our Coffee Angel filter has been designed with ease of use at its core. The 4 simple steps below ensure great tasting coffee in less than 60 seconds:

1) Once out of sachet, tear the filter at top along perforation.
2) Pull the bottom of the arms away from the filter.
3) Hang filter on your cup with both arms on the outside and slowly pour up to 250ml of hot water through the filter.
4) Remove filter by arms and dispose.

Where does the coffee originate from?

Barista Coffee was one of the first dark-roast coffee chains in the (Far East). Our coffee is sourced from all over the globe, and we have a passion for mixing great flavours of beans sourced from only sustainable farms. We have 3 different products with beans from all around the world:

– The Barista Special Blend Filter Coffee marries Brazilian, Colombian, Indonesian and Ethiopian beans to make a sweet and unique flavour.
– The Barista Blue Mountain Flavour Filter Coffee includes a carefully blended unique single product coffee with beans from Indonesia, Columbia and the Jamaican Blue Mountains themselves.
– Barista Premium Filter Angel Coffee amalgamates beans from 8 different countries worldwide, Beans from Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Ethiopia, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Sumatra.

What’s the best way to store the coffee?

All of our products are best stored in a cool dry place out of reach from children and animals.

How do I get in touch?

To get in touch, please email hello@baristacoffee.org or use our contact form on our website.

Payment Types

There are multiple payment types that we adhere to. We accept credit/debit card payments as well as PayPal.